VES Open Studios Spotlight: Cleanna Crabill


The VES Department at Harvard often opens up to showcase the work of its students for other peers to see. In chatting with artist Cleanna Crabill '19 about the intention behind her work on view, we learned that:

"The idea of performance has been a fascinating concept to me, but lately I’ve been trying to pick out aspects of performance that define my presentation of self. Actually, to be honest, even using that term “presentation of self,” got me even wondering what my ‘self’ is. I’ve been thinking a lot about what the self really is, if nothing but a continuous performance for our own consciousness and the simultaneously performing selves of others around us. I suppose this series was a continuation of that exploration of self, the idea of it as an essence/thing, especially regarding the parts of myself that often remain unseen by others."

- Cleanna Crabill

Harvard Student Art Show