our bodies are borrowed.
our joys are borrowed.
our tears are borrowed.
our fates are borrowed. 


we are philth

and opacity is such an atrocity. 

PHILTH HAUS is an art collective. 

come see. 


PHILTH HAUS is the first of many student exhibitions curated by the Harvard Student Art Collective. We seek to populate Harvard’s under-utilized space with student art, and are excited to commence with PHILTH HAUS, an art group that explores photography, sculpture, video, music, and mixed-media art. This is PHILTH HAUS' first solo show, with visual art by member Andra G.G., as well as a performance installation featuring music by Lucretius (2019). and the first student-only solo show officially exhibited by the Harvard Student Art Collective.

This show will be open from December 2-8. 
Gallery hours: 8am to 12am. 

Come one, come all! We can't wait to broaden the art community with you.

Maia Leandra