About Us


Our Mission

The Harvard Undergraduate Student Art Collective is a community designed to give platforms for anyone looking to express on this wildly intense campus and in this particularly fraught cultural moment. For the past ten years, we have hosted the only Student Art Show on campus, a 5 week long exhibit at the Harvard Ed Portal which supports over 100 pieces. 

As a board we do three things beyond the annual show: 

  1. Organize and curate as many student exhibits as possible and find ways to populate Harvard walls with student art.

  2. Create a visual and textual archive of the work being made on this campus (like this website!).

  3. Foster collaboration between artist, student groups and the academic word by exposing the accessibility of art through art making events across communities.


Press and Publicity

OFA Call for Submissions

Harvard Crimson 2016 Article and Exhibition Review

Crimson Video Coverage of the FIRST Student Art Show

Meet Our Team

Directors: Isabella Beroutsos ‘19 and Yu-Mi Kim ‘20

Curators: Spencer Glesby ‘19, Natalie Cohen ‘20, Kaitlin Hao ‘21

Artist Liaisons: Kaitlin Tse ‘19, Minahil Khan ‘19, Alyssa Britton ‘21, Caitlin Jones ‘21, Nikole Naloy ‘21, Babi Oloko ‘21, Rosie Collier ‘22

Event Coordinators: Caroline Kristof ‘20, Jacinta Crestanello ‘21

Business Managers: Xenia Viragh ‘19, Yena Cho ‘20, Tom Slack ‘21

Community Partnerships: Kaylee Kim ‘20, Paige Coolidge ‘21

Marketing/PR: Bennie Weber ‘21, Dajon Alexander ‘19

Blog Editor & Web Design: Maia Suazo-Maler ‘19

Catalogue/Design: Carlos Agredano ‘20, Jules Kardish ‘20